Designed in Barcelona,
made for the world.

A man isn’t defined by where he’s from, but by what he’s done.  Whether it’s for a work meeting or a weekend trekking, John Berri‘s classic yet contemporary clothes are designed for those who every day is an adventure.

Designed to impress,
made for quality.

Quality is important, but quality of experience is paramount. For this reason John Berri has designed a range of suits and tailored garments that combine sartorial elegance with unparalleled comfort and fit. Whether it’s for a special occasion, or for wearing to the office, our tailored range is designed to change the way you look at formalwear forever.

Designed for comfort,
made for style.

Freedom means having the space to be yourself, without having to worry about other people’s expectations. John Berri’s casual range is made up of timeless classics in a variety of styles and colours, allowing you to look your best while taking it easy.


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