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¡Los mejores destinos de Navidad te esperan!

Hasta hace unos años el hecho de viajar lo relacionábamos casi en exclusiva con las vacaciones de verano. Nos pasábamos meses pensando cual sería el próximo destino y normalmente era la única vez al año que cogíamos un avión para descubrir nuevos lugares. Pero el interés de… +

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Las mejores ideas de regalo para Navidad

La familia reunida, una buena comida, ¿quién pone la mesa?, todos bien vestidos, sonrisas y abrazos, ¿abrimos los regalos ahora o después de comer?, la ilusión de los niños, en definitiva la magia de la Navidad. Este momento único al año está a punto de llegar. Queda… +

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Every day is a new adventure!

The adventurous character and the passion to discover new locations are two differential points of John Berri values. It’s a  brand that constantly ltries to evolve, be dynamic, learn and undertake. That’s why, in our eagerness to inspire us in the nature and in all the wonderful landscapes that… +


Men’s fashion: Age is just a number!

In John Berri what counts is the spirit, a spirit that wants to continue learning, to continue traveling, to continue with illusions, to continue loving, to continue leraning new ideas, new people, new places … The John Berri man is not defined for his age,… +

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What should I wear today? 7 days 7 looks

The summer definitively has remained backwards, now  it’s time to come back to the routine, to the work and to the good habits. One of the daily most laziness tasks is to choose each morning the clothes to wear to the office, still when the bed sheets call… +

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The New Collection is already in John Berri!

If this weekend, when you are walking down la Rambla de Catalonia Street, you see the John Berri, you will notice that the autumn already begins at the store The shop window, reflection of all what will be able to find once you cross this thin line that gives you the warm… +

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Men’s fashion: The bestsellers of the sales!

August is ending… For many people, is the moment to leave the holidays back, the summer begins to turn off and seems that  all goes back to our usual routine. But wow! Still it remains something that can break the melancholia of the “back to… +

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Guía de viajes John Berri, ¡Descúbrela!

¡Ya ha llegado el verano y todos pensamos en nuestras deseadas vacaciones! Pero … ¿dónde irás este año? Nosotros hemos preparado una pequeña lista de 4 destinos que nos inspiran pera crear nuestras colecciones de moda para el hombre cosmopolita y aventurero, aquel que siempre tiene… +

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Do you feel the summer?

The summer is comming, the heat is hard to stand and the blue sky and the sea are reminding us that the holidays are approaching. It is a time of year in which we prefer to be comfortable and cool. The casual fashion, that don’t need… +

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Customize your clothes at John Berri!

Every day there are more brands and styles to choose when we decide to go oshopping. But often it’s hard for us to find clothes that differentiate you from the rest of people and especially in means fashion, because the possibilities are more limited. Therefore, John Berri always… +


You already have the best excuse to get one!

John Berri experience The John Berri whole team works every day to reach the maximum quality of our garments. The John Berri suit experience is unique from the moment you enter the store until finally the client wears the piece in question. We take special… +


What about suits?

Carles Baqués has been working for the Vidal Group for 44 years, all his work experience has been in the company. He has dedicated himself to tailoring and is expert in costumes and ceremony complements. Today tells us which are the trends of the sector and… +


A little bit of Sant Jordi!

  St. Jordi’s Day is just around the corner and tradition says to give a rose to the women you love and a book to the men of the house. It’s one of the favorite days of the Catalans, a celebration of love and culture, but sometimes it… +